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Thursday, November 21, 2019


Some Stories of famous personalities

·        Aristotle, he was a philosopher and teacher of Alexander the Great

·        he was born in 384 before Christ on stagiaire Greece

·         his father's name was Nick emerges

·        his father Nokomis named him Aristotle

·        which means the best purpose

·        his father served as a personal physician to King amenities of Macedon

·        being a physician son he was inspired to his father scientific work

·        but didn't show much interest in medicine

·         when he turned 18 he shifted to Athens to pursue his education at Plato's Academy

·         he left Athens somewhere in 348 347 before Christ spending almost 20 years in the city in 343 before Christ

·        after the death of Hermia's Philip ii of Macedon invited him to become the tutor of his son Alexander

·        Aristotle became the head of Royal Academy of Macedon

·        here he became a tutor not only to Alexander but gave lessons to other

·        future kings Cass endure and Ptolemy as well in his role as tutor to Alexander

·        he encouraged him to conquer East in 335 before Christ

·        he returned to Athens where he established his own school
called Lyceum for the next 12 years

·        Aristotle organized his school as a center of research on astronomy zoology geography geology physics anatomy and
many other fields

·        Aristotle wrote 170 books 47 of which still exist more than
2,000 years later Aristotle was also a philosopher

·        who wrote about ethics psychology economics theology political science and rhetoric

·         later inventions such as the telescope and the microscope
would prove many of Aristotle's theories

·        to be incorrect but his ideas formed the basis of modern science

·        Aristotle married two times first time to Pythias a daughter was born to the couple

·        later he married to her ballast of stage era they blessed with a son

·        he breathed his last in 322 before Christ in Nubia

·         due to natural causes at the age of 62 pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work said, Aristotle

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