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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How does GPS (Globel Positioning System) works?

How does GPS (Globel Positioning System) works?

So you all know what GPS is it's found in phones and in a tea and and other stuff like that and it's what lets you know where you are without having to resort to primitive media like whatever this thing is but you probably don't know how he started it was actually created by the US military under the name Navstar.

 And it was actually used for guiding us missiles to whatever targets they wanted to hit and for a whole lot of other military stuff too initially the satellites were only meant for the military when they launched their first satellite in 1978 although they later opened it up to citizens in 1983 but to a limited range of only 500 meters billet Ron they did decide yeah we'll make it more accurate for civilians.

 So in May of 2000 they made it accurate to a range of 10 meters I'm moving forward to the modern-day they're now 32 satellites in orbit with the amount changing every so often when new satellites go up and other ones stopped working and that sort of stuff if you want to see the exact number no there's actually a link in the description that shows the exact number of satellites in orbit at this current time .

And why there are so many satellites in orbit you may ask just with GPS to work well for GPS to work your phone or other device has to have at least three satellite a mine of sight to it with four satellites being optimal for GPS to work fully and how this basically works is the satellites all have built-in atomic clocks which are accurate to three billions of a second and while the accuracy may not be just for your navigator on the mode to me.

 It is for stuff like the stock market where the timing has to be very accurate because in the short period of time millions of pounds is like flying across the sky but you can't like be chipping grab I didn't try that before well I'm trying to now anyway yeah these satellites need line-of-sight to your phone so that they can see your phone and pass data down to it with the sending down their time as well as their location and with the information your phone uses a whole lot of maths rocket science math e stuff like tranquilization well also accounting for the trains for the data traveling from the satellite at the speed of light.

 And if you were observant to what I just said with your ears you probably realize that I didn't mention anything being sent back to these satellite so yes well some conspiracy theorists may want to think that GPS satellites are tracking exactly where you go in and all that sort of stuff no nothing's actually sent back to the GPS it's only a one-way things just to send a t film your phone has to do the complex maths but every time that little blue I will think on Google Maps moves and yeah, that's totally why your phone gets hot and James imagine.

 If you had to do complex math for five hours straight while getting somebody showering at you saying you're not going the right way are you talking to go here when you're totally doing your job and it's just the other person who's a convert but just because GPS works development hasn't stopped on it organizations like DARPA are working to use lasers and other stuff like lasers to make it work even better and just in general as technology advances for satellites they're been put into satellites and new ones are being sent up and it's not just the US that's getting in on the action.

Some other countries have their own satellite systems too Russia has the Glamis system and China has the bado system and then there's the okay let me take your breath the European global navigation system going on the European global navigation satellite systems agency and they have to Galileo system and yep that's how GPS works.

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