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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How Does Wireless Charging Works ?

How Does Wireless Charging Works?

Wireless charging has been a thing for a long time now with it being commonly used for electronic toothbrushes but now that phones are beginning to use it and there are loads of wireless charging pads available leave a Nike jump into the bandwagon recently.

How does the technology actually work well actually works to a purse is called electromagnetic induction this is the same thing that NFC uses and actually mentioned wireless charging in that video anyway in the wireless charging pad there's a copper wire wrapped around the nine-car a magnet is then constantly changing its polarity and is exposed to the wire which then feeds an AC electronic magnetic field this is totally safe for humans.

Which is why is totally fine to have them in Wireless charges so basically this pushes the energy to the phone and no it's not the electrons that are passed over but instead the energy that they are producing because they are vibrating a lot this current is then received by similar coils in the phone and is then converted from AC Covenant to DC current which is then used by the phone basically, all that is happening is the electrons on the phone.

I get in rearranged and moved into one direction no not them DC as in DC you know direct coven not the band people anyway moving on by the time the current actually reaches the battery is pretty much the same as if you were charging the phone by a wall plug as for the different standards of wireless charging that isn't much of a difference between how they work other than visions which allows for charging multiple phones at the same time and long-distance charging as well but as of now pretty much all the charges you'll see will be Qi or the wireless charging consortium or PMA or the power matters alliance but that's all.

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