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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How to earn Money Online Part 1

Here's what we made our first year blogging here's what we made our second year blogging and here's what we made our third year blogging safe to say learning how to make money blogging changed Lauren and I's life forever but it's not just us we've been able to help people like faith Hawks go from zero dollars in no blog to making over five thousand dollars per month blogging and being able to quit her job to help people fight with anxiety and depression students like Amir Allah who made over thirty-seven hundred dollars her first three months blogging and now makes over ten thousand dollars a month with her legal blog and if you pay close attention to this video and stay tuned I'm going to show you exactly how they do it all for free right now yeah soon yeah step number one start your blog the right way just like a home needs a great foundation so does your blog we do this in three easy steps first we choose the right blog niche the first question most people have when blogging is what the hell do I blog about most people end up overthinking this process the mistake most people make is when they start out they start trying to like sole search for their passion or go on some yoga Zen meditation retreat to find enlightenment and find their purpose but the truth is this is kind of the opposite of what you need to do because when finding your purpose or finding your passion it happens through taking action and getting feedback from the action that you're taking so I'd start your blog about something that you either have experience in or something that you want to learn about Lauren
and I started our health and wellness blog that made over 10 grand a month before we started to create and go because we loved health and wellness she was a vegan I was a personal trainer it was just part of our mo, another way to think about this is what topic or subject do you bring up all the time with your friends and family like the one that you bring up over Thanksgiving and Christmas and during the holidays no my god he's talking about dogs again and different dog breeds and the different subsections of dog breeds I wish you'd shut up shut up like that's a good topic for you to talk about on your blog so choose a blog niche and a topic that you are either interested in learning about are something that you kind of already know about the next step is to select your domain name so the domain is another word for URL and the URL of YouTube is again this is another place where most people spend a lot of time overthinking our first vlog was avocado comm that name honestly is kind of weird most people don't know how to spell avocado go ahead and try and then it's with a unless your fam friends and family kind of forget it because it's kind of easily forgettable it's four syllables but again that blog made over 15 grand per month it still makes us fifteen grand per month to this day almost automatically on autopilot so your name really doesn't matter when it comes to a business in blogging you'd be surprised by how little names actually mean Samsung could be a local music store

Avis could be a place where you bought drones on the internet and SpaceX could be a website dedicated solely to astronaut horn the thing that defines these businesses is not their name per se it's what they do so don't ever think it you don't have to come up with some perfectly clever name to succeed as a blogger I promise finally you want to set up your blog with the right hosting in the right platform and by far the best place for you get started is WordPress now I know there's some other options out there like wicks and Squarespace but the problem with those is those websites are more geared to stand-alone stagnant websites so something like a personal portfolio or a resume they're really not that great when it comes to getting continuous blog traffic coming in overtime to your blog and having continually updated posts they're just not optimized for that what's gonna end up happening if you start with a Squarespace or Wix is you're gonna end up going back to WordPress anyway so just start there I understand that WordPress has kind of a higher learning curve for most people but trust me when I say this it is worth learning I also have a link in the description for those wanting to learn how to begin a weblog and create cash the right way it's a free 7-day e-course it walks you through the process of starting a blog from scratch the right way and building it and designing it and doing all that stuff again the link will be in the description whenever you're ready to take it step number two make your blog sexy through blog design let's walk through some simple steps to make your blog clean and beautiful first you want to choose a great blog theme choosing the right blog theme is like choosing the right or wrong car at a used-car dealership you choose the wrong car you're gonna spend hours and headaches on the car breaking down and on maintenance on fixing everything it's gonna be a constant hassle in your life versus if you choose the right car and you never have any problems with it you're gonna feel great right now the best free themes out there are flash blog ocean WP and Hestia while some of the best-paid themes are Divi and Genesis and don't forget to install the Elementor plug-in because it's a great page builder that's a perfect drag and drop for a newbie wanting to get started and building their blog and making it look the way that you want to oh yeah another important part about blog design is optimizing it for mobile over 60 to 70 percent of visitors on the Internet

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