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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How to earn Money Online Part 2

these days are visiting through their phones so some things might look amazing on your desktop it might look really good there will actually look like shit on a phone so always check your work and choose an easy to read font like a laddo or an open sands or Roboto because ain't nobody got time to read that cute but illegible font okay so now you've started your blog and got a design like you want to let's move on to step three create the content people need it's time to answer the million-dollar question of what should I write about well this is actually a rather simple answer if your goal is to make money you need to create the content that other people are searching for on the internet every day millions of people type in searches into Google Pinterest YouTube when looking for videos and articles and blog posts trying to solve their problems if you're able to serve that content to them the best and get to the top of those search engines well it's very easy to make money online okay it's not super easy but it's a lot easier than you think here's how you do this first you start doing keyword research see there's all sorts of tools on the internet to see how often people are typing in certain terms so we can see that people look for how to make money blogging over one hundred thirty five thousand times per month and that's exactly why I'm making this video start with a tool like keywords everywhere it's a completely free Chrome extension that you can install and type in anywhere you type into a search bar you will be able to see the volume of that search term being looked at another great free tool that most people often under use is Pinterest type in your topic into the search bar and hit enter after the page loads if you look to the proper you may see all sorts of additional suggestions these are key words people are looking for as well and using this method will help you come up with endless topics that you can cover on your blog or website after using these tools for a while you can upgrade to more professional tools like SCM rush and Google's keyword planner which will give you more accurate search data now this doesn't mean you only have to post things that people are searching for there's room to create your own sort of unique content when making money blogging you just need to follow the 80/20 rule 80% of the content that you create should be that things that people are searching for and problems that they're trying to solve and 20% should be where you flex on them a little bit and tell them a little bit more about you and and blog about the things that

you want to put in writing regarding ok thus once your first 5 posts are written it's time to move on to step number 5 and time to get traffic to your blog there are lots of ways to get readers to your blog there's Pinterest Facebook Google SEO YouTube Instagram guest blogging email drips forums snapchat and I'm sure a dozen more that I haven't listed there the biggest tip that I can give you right off the bat is to start with one traffic source I know there are lots of entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk telling you that you need to be everywhere and be on every social media and be on every platform but the truth is is that's kind of a one-man show what ends up happening with most people is when they try to be everywhere they usually end up just sucking at everything that's why we tell our followers to try to instead of sucking at everything master 1 are two of these things are like red foreman said don't half-ass everything pull last one thing keep up with a smart mouth and my foot will be nine-tenths of the way up your ass so the next question you should probably have is how do I find the perfect traffic source for my blog there are tons of different factors to consider here including competition type of platform demographics of your target market and more so to make this simple here are my thoughts on the top 5 traffic sources Facebook Facebook has the most users of really any social platform but it also comes with the highest competition and Facebook has recently made algorithmic changes that really doesn't feature blog posts anymore it's very few and far between that you'll read blogs much where the content is geared towards memes and video content and things that just aren't blog posts Facebook groups however are still going very strong and it's actually a great place to meet like-minded bloggers but it might not be the best source for driving traffic to your website but that being said I wouldn't write it out because those groups can be so valuable especially to beginners starting off we have a group called the honest bloggers community as well so feel free to check it out in the description to find these groups you can just type in your search term into Facebook search bar and hit click groups and you'll see dozens and dozens of groups on almost any topic again not the best way to drive traffic to your blog but a great way to interact with potential customers and peers and people you look up to in your industry

Instagram you'll find that Instagram follows a similar trajectory as Facebook where it has a high amount of users but it also has a high amount of competition and the thing is it is a purely visual platform yeah you can write captions in the description but really if you're not creating dope images you're not gonna get anywhere on Instagram so the niches you want to be in to succeed on Instagram are going to be mainly visual things like travel health and fashion work really well because they're visually stimulating unfortunately and something to keep in mind it's kind of stupidly hard to get people off of Instagram and on to your email list or on to your blog posts are over to your products people tend to stay inside of the app and Instagram is designed it that way that being said we've had students like the college nutritionist go to $10,000 per month and more running a successful Instagram so it can be done Google Google is similar to Facebook and Instagram that it has high competition but it comes with one big difference and that difference is that it's a search platform so the people that type in how to make money blogging for example will continue to type that in month after month after month and you will get organic traffic coming in all the time this is very different than Instagram or Facebook where things are more viral in nature and then they die off over time so Facebook and Instagram you kind of have this constant need to roll out this new crazy mind-blowing content went on something like Google you can optimize your posts and continue to be shown over and over and over again sucking in that organic traffic but obviously because of this value it's very hard to get at the top of search it can take a long time to do and just be prepared that if this is the route that you want to go on you need to go in for the long haul it might take you up to six months to get serious traffic to your blog YouTube YouTube is akin tirely completely different animal than the mall it is the highest barrier to entry by far because most people do not want to get on camera and I understand why this barrier to entry provides actually an easy way to connect with your audience build a following and drive them back to your blog and make purchases with them but again comes with a high barrier to entry because shooting videos is difficult and very time-consuming so if you're extraordinarily good-looking rgeous or like me and don't mind being on camera YouTube might be a great option for you Pinterest last but not least our favorite traffic source for bloggers is Pinterest Pinterest like YouTube and Google is also a search engine so there's that opportunity for organic traffic but unlike Google it doesn't take as long to get results we've had tons of people take our Pinterest traffic avalanches course and go from zero views to over 20 thousand views a month on their blogs because of its speed of results and the fact that you can get organic traffic Pinterest does end up being our number one traffic source for bloggers if you're in almost any niche I would definitely get Pinterest a try

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