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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How to earn Money Online Part 3

alright so you built your blog you've designed it you start to get your first readers your first visitors checking out the content that they want to see now it's trying to turn those readers into raving fans step number five build a subscriber fan club I remember the look of contempt lauren gave me when i told her that we were gonna need to collect emails because she had always thought of in balls and the inbox is just some terrible thing that she never wanted to do as a result of all she got was spam all the time but here's the truth about blogging is that most people are never gonna buy your products until they've built up a certain level of trust with you and the best place to build that trust is through an email list we've tracked the data on clickmeter and we can clearly see that our email list provides us much better purchase rates than just linking our products on our blog an email list is one of the most valuable assets you have as a blogger and setting it up is not as hard as you think the basic formula is that you first create a lead magnet the is just a simple download for people to have a checklist or simple guide will work you'll want to create a small but helpful download for people so that they can give that you can give that to them in exchange for their email address then you need to add these opt-ins to your blog with a email subscriber service like a convertkit this is actually a very easy process to do this way when people are scrolling through your posts they see the opportunity to put it get your download and they put in their email address and receive the download and finally what you'll want to do is create an automated email sequence this is just an automated sequence of emails that you send after somebody get your download these are called often an indoctrination campaign it's more like a get-to-know-you thing where you're kind of helping them out with whatever problem that they're trying to solve at the same time sort of explaining a little bit about more about you about what you're about about why you created your blog again all design to build that trust and turn that subscriber into a really true fan great now your blog is all set up it's beautifully designed you're getting people in the door you're getting your fruit and first few subscribers now it's time to make that money chase that paper get those dollar bills get that skrilla sorry what are your superpowers again I'm rich okay step number six we're gonna learn the different types of ways to make money and they're really five of them what we're gonna do now is we're gonna go over an overview of these different ways and then we're gonna walk you through which steps you should start with at kind of what phases of your blogging journey the first way to make money is through ads now there are a few different types the first thing you probably know about our display ads these are ads that are you're scrolling through content and then you'll see an ad for something or like right before this YouTube video I'm sure there was a display ad another term for this is pay-per-click because when somebody clicks on it you get paid the second type of AD is something called sponsored content this is when somebody like a big company pays you to write a review or write something about their product the third type of ad is a giveaway this is very similar to sponsor content but instead of the company paying you they give you their product for free I'll get a second way that you can make money through your blog is through affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is where you earn money promoting another person's product or service so let's say you write a post about your top 5 favorite books on whatever you

topic your blog is about what you can do is you can actually link those books in the blog posts themself and link them to Amazon when somebody clicks and checks out that book and says and says okay that looks awesome I'm gonna buy it like the like the reviews you know four and a half stars looks good to me when they buy that product then you will get a small commission from Amazon and that is kind of affiliate marketing now affiliate marketing is a huge category and you can make a lot of money on it and I'll go over that in the next section but just so you know it's when you sell other people's products or services through links on your blog number three is when you sell your own digital products now this is how lauren and i make well over a hundred thousand dollars per month blogging is that we sell our own digital products and services there are a few different kinds first are ebooks these are electronic books like kindle downloads there are printables and workbooks where people can purchase a printable that you've created and print them out and use it for themselves something like a journal or a workbook before you make fun of that or think anything sarcastic about it I do know a blogger who makes over 200 grand per month selling printables mind-blown online courses so online teachings and trainings that where you can teach them via video and finally there are membership websites where people pay a certain amount to get access to regularly updated content usually by yourself number four there are physical products we sell product probiotic called gut 14 on our health and wellness blog now you'll find with physical products they're actually a lot easier to sell because they're tangible good right people can when they buy that product they get something tangible back but it's much more satisfying usually than a digital product but also as well there's margins to be had so there are you have to ship the product you have to create the product you have to manufacture the product that's a that's a lot more steps than selling something like a digital product but we'll get into that note in a minute number five is services speaking engagements digital services dog-walking speaking engagements for dog-walking coaching virtual assistants freelance writing and whatever service people are dogs or whoever need you can sell it through your blog in fact it's a great way to do this because you're already building massive trust with your audience okay those are the types of ways to make money blogging now we're gonna get into the nitty-gritty of where you should be starting step number seven start with ads and sponsored posts the first thing that we see bloggers doing when they first start their website is usually running around trying to throw up Google Adsense on their website to make a quick buck the problem is that the reality of your ad earnings are probably gonna fall pretty short of your expectations when we did this the first time I remember we threw up these ads and we thought we're you're gonna get a ton of we're ton of money coming in automatically per month because we had a decent readership there you know one of these days could be tomorrow I'm gonna be a millionaire

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