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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How to earn Money Online Part 4

and I think after a full month or a full week we had only made two dollars and 93 cents that's not enough for even three Taco Bell tacos so you can understand that that wasn't working mathematically for us as a viable way to make a ton of money I thought I was gonna write off ads forever but that was only until later on that now we make over three thousand to four thousand dollars a month with ads here's how we're able to do this our blogs get a lot of traffic like over three hundred thousand views a month and because we get that amount of traffic we're able to partner with premium ad networks so really specialize really awesome networks that can give us higher returns on the ads and the clicks that we do get so here's a recommendation for newbies like yourself ads are kind of a good place to start for newbies just because it can be motivational or give you a little inspiration at the beginning but it is not the primary way you need to be monetizing you can be focused on the bigger picture here try to wait until you're getting a consistent amount of traffic so you can partner with premium ad networks the one that we partner with is one called AD thrive but there are a few others including media vine Mia net propellor ads and I'm sure a few more this will net you a lot more money than just throwing up Google Adsense and praying that somebody clicks sponsored posts sponsored posts as explained before are where people are paying you to write an article on your blog usually kind of reviewing their product or service these articles often come in the form of print reviews and recommendations an example is this post by my friend Alexis on the 7 ways your credit score affects your future you can see it was

sponsored by lexington law and she probably got paid pretty well for this post there are many bloggers like Lexus that make in the upwards of 10 grand a month doing sponsored posts so it is a viable way to make money and make money pretty quickly sponsored posts might be perfect for you if you love to write can find good opportunities that fit your niche want to build relationship with other companies and brands in your niche and want a way to diversify your blogging income sponsored posts might not be right for you if you face a lot of time constraints it can be very time consuming finding good opportunities and filling out the required work and have your heart set on passive income you're technically still trading hours for dollars here so just something to keep in mind sponsored posts opportunities can be found on websites like blog - Blagh meets brand laQuita and others my friend Alexis also has a great course on making sense of sponsored posts which she has created with her sister so go feel free to type that into Google and check it out if you like ok now I've got your feet wet a little bit started with sponsored posts and ads now it's time to take things to the next step with step number 8 progress and master affiliate marketing there are risks associated with every form of monetization method when it comes to blogging but affiliate marketing is unique as it will teach you not only how to sell but it will also prepare you for creating your own future products mastering affiliate marketing is usually kind of one of the key steps to becoming a successful blogger you'll see that a lot of successful bloggers first start on affiliate marketing start making money affiliate marketing learn how to make money and then progress on to higher margins with their own products and services just like in our example when we talked about writing a blog post on the top 5 books and your recommended niche you can start out by doing this exact process with Amazon Associates this is the very small very easy way to start out in affiliate marketing and it progresses and gets much more advanced later on how you do this with Amazon Associates is easy and the reason I tell you to start out there is because everybody uses Amazon it makes a makes a very simple way to get your first few transactions and feeling good about blogging and and its potential right off the get-go getting signed up isn't too hard just go type in Amazon Associates to Google and you can join for free once you're approved you can recommend Amazon product on your blog knitting blog sell Amazon knitting kits dog blog sell dog treats got a parenting blog about raising teenagers sell a muzzle I'm I'm kidding I'm kidding don't muzzle your children put them on a leash this creates an awesome form of passive income for most bloggers we make over 500 dollars per month doing this once you sold a few affiliate products
 and Amazon it's time to start leveling up your affiliate marketing and thinking about going to big affiliate networks and partnering with a bigger product so there's networks like Clickbank ShareASale CJ affiliate Rakuten and so many more these networks are going to give you a much higher price Commission than something like Amazon but keep in mind they're going to be much more difficult to sell because they're not checking out using Amazon's platform you have to learn how to build a lot of trust with your readers and that's why I said at the beginning you start an email list because that's the best place to start selling higher priced affiliate courses and products and other things yeah okay now you've got some money rolling in a from affiliate marketing starting to get down the sales process and learn about how to sell through your blog and how to build trust with your readers you're building a fan base building people who are interested in what you're doing it's time to move on to step number five and to create your own products and services both physical and digital we started out by promoting a yoga product through affiliate marketing we're making about five dollars per sale so even when we were selling 10 products per day we're only making about 1,500 dollars per month off this yoga product $1,500 a month is great and it's an amazing amount of money but it is not a full-time income for a blogger so we kind of got this idea back in the day Laura and I were like okay what if we the product that we were selling was alright we're like I think we can make it better what if we tried to make this product even better than the one that we're already selling and sell it to her audience they know us and trust us and like us let's try selling our own well not only did it sell really well but our audience loved it and thus the yoga fat loss Bible was born the most important part of this process is that five dollar sale that we were getting turned into a $37 sale for that product we had just seven extra money with the

building of this product is the power of creating your own products and services you control the margin so you control the prices you control the sales page you control the entire system and the entire flow of selling your own product that's why all the biggest bloggers you know all the ones that are making the most money well they sell their own stuff this does not have to be digital products either this can be physical products as well the key here is to do something better than what is before you so you don't want to just go around and and replace your affiliate links with your own crappy products and not a good version of it only replace products that you can truly replace and do it better the goal here is to make a better experience for your audience if you make a worse experience for them the results are not going to be what you want as well as there's always gonna be products that are better suited as an affiliate product versus you creating your own and just something to keep in mind something like hosting like I'm not gonna create a hosting company so I'm gonna partner with somebody like Bluehost who is a hosting company where I can sell hosting packages also as said before you can sell your services whether you're a public speaker virtual assistant freelance writer you can sell all of these products and services on your blog selling your own products is the only true way to scale your blog and this is how you take something from a thousand dollars a month to ten thousand dollars a month and do so passively do so without actively constantly having to work and trade hours for dollars okay at this stage you've come a long way started your blog you designed it well you created awesome content you drove traffic to the blog you collected email subscribers you've been monetizing in a variety of different ways and now you've got kind of your blog set up you've made your own courses made your own products you've you've found your audience found your voice found these things the next part is actually a very fun part of blogging and a step number ten scale and optimize this is the really fun part because really you've done a lot of the hard work now your job is to just scale what you do and again this is what makes blogging such a different thing than let's say going and working for somebody going and working for somebody they're gonna pay you let's say 50 grand a month Wow fifty grand a month fifty grand a year to do customer service right but when you're blogging and creating your own products and services just a few tweaks here are there are getting a blog post to go viral or are creating some new content immediately raises up your income and this is kind of a two-part process 
I want to show you how it works really quickly sales equals traffic times conversion rate and I want to show you how your conversion rate on your sales page is 1% so for every thousand visitors on your sales page you make 10 sales now let's say you add a few testimonials to your sales page and include a couple more and your email sales funnel that bumps your conversion rate to 2% which means that you have just doubled your cells now a thousand visitors is getting at 2 percent which is 20 sales so you've just doubled your income that's crazy now let's say you start working on Google SEO as an additional traffic sore and are able to get an extra thousand customers to your sales page that doubles your sales page again because two thousand visitors times two percent equals forty sales you've just quadrupled your income that is the big difference between blogging and going out and making 50 grand a month working customer service it is a giant leap because the amount of work you do ends up reflecting much better on the actual income that you make the final piece on how to make money blogging is to scale and to raise up those conversion rates and here's some of the main ways that you can do this you can add in testimonials and prove your page speed make changes to your sales page make changes to your sales funnel and a few other marketing changes but those are the main ones this part of making money blogging is really fun because you can often see the changes right in front of your eyes and it's very cool to watch and that ladies and gentlemen is the 10 step process for how to make money blogging whoa we did it oh man that is a long video all right let's summarize this and get the data here point number one and we start our blog the right way number two we design our blog and make it sexy number three we create the content people need number four we get traffic to our blog by focusing on one to two traffic sources number five we build an email list to build up those lists of raving fans turn those subscribers and those readers into raving fans who actually love what we do number six we learned the types of ways to monetize number seven we monetize with ads and sponsored posts number eight we master

affiliate marketing number nine we make our own products and services and number ten we scale and optimize okay and the final section is that you can click the link in the description below what's down there is a free eCourse it's a seven day thing on how to start a blog start a successful blog the right way the same sort of formula that Lauren and I used to make a hundred three thousand dollars our first year blogging it's awesome there's like seven video trainings they're full articles there's tons of cool stuff in there and it's free so feel free to check it out last thing and I plead with you please if you found this video helpful send me a what's up down there and the in section say something speak up I want to hear your voice I want to hear how this helped you I want to hear .

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