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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Kim Kardashian

Some Stories of famous personalities

·         Kim Kardashian, she is a famous reality TV star model and socialite.

·         each one is the catch is that we have to figure it out by touch alone.

·         she was born in Los Angeles California United States on October 21st, 1985.

·         Miss Robert Kardashian and mother's name is Kris Jenner after her parents divorced in 1991 her mother remarried Bruce Jenner an athlete.

·         the same year she has twin half-sisters she went to the Roman Catholic girls school Marymount High School in Los Angeles around 2003.

·         she first came to limelight for her friendship with well-known socialite Paris Hilton in 2007, she gained media attention.

·        after her sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J taped in 2003 was leaked.

·        she and her other family members signed to star in the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

·         in 2008 she played the role of Lisa in this spoof film disaster movie the same year she also announced that she would take part in the reality dance show Dancing with the Stars in 2009.

·        she appeared as a guest star of the episode benefits of the TV show How I Met Your Mother do you think it's a coincidence that Reggie Bush's wife looks just like you.

·         I got that year she endorsed ShoeDazzle shopping and the vanilla cupcake mix flavor called Virginia Virginia Virginia nila of the bakery famous cupcakes in April 2009.

·         she came out with her DVD titled fit in your jeans by Friday in August 2009.

·         she was a guest host of the wrestling show WrestleMania.

·         the same year she was seen as a guest judge on the show America's Next Top Model.

·         later in 2009, she launched her own perfume named Kim Kardashian.

·        in December that year she was seen as a guest star on the TV series CSI New York in which she appeared along with Vanessa Minnillo.

·        she later became part of the reality show curtain II and Kim Take Miami a spin-off of the earlier Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

·        she also appeared as herself in the series 90210 from 2010 onwards she signed many endorsement deals and appeared in the film deep in the valley.

·         she later produced the reality TV show the spin crowd I remember when the real world came on the show and I was like we where in high school.

·         in 2011 she released another of her perfumes named golden her wedding fragrance Kim Kardashian loved in 2011

·        she became a part of the reality series Khloe Lamar appearing in three episodes she was later seen in 18 episodes of the reality show currently in Kim Take New York in 2012 she launched the fragrance true reflection.

·         the same year she played the role of Nikki lepree in the TV series Drop Dead Diva and appeared as herself in the TV shows 30 rock and punk it in 2013.

·        she offered her voice in the adult animated series American bad I really need a break I had some work to do and so I was just like I need 12 hours of work time by myself in 2010 a wax figure of her was opened.

·         at the New York City branch of the Madame Tasos in 2010 she was awarded the Teen Choice Award choice female reality variety star for keeping up with the Kardashians.

·        in 2013 she also awarded the same Award for the same show at the age of 19 she eloped with a music producer Damon Thomas.

·         they filed for a divorce in 2003 and she stated that emotional and physical abuse were the reasons for her separation with Thomas.

·         on August 20th 2011 she married NBA player Kris Humphries only to file for divorce within 72 days of the wedding.

·        the divorce was granted in 2013 in December 2012 she announced that she was pregnant with rapper Kanye West's baby.

·        they had been dating for a while in 2013 she gave birth to daughter Northwest at the cedars-sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

·        the same year she became engaged to Kenny on her 33rd birthday Kardashian and West got married formally in Florence Italy on May 24th, 2014.

·        she has been romantically involved with Reggie Bush Miles Austin Ray J Nick Cannon Nick Lachey Shengo Deane and Gabriel Aubry you.

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