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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

News Bulliten 12th November 2019

PM Modi to leave for Brazil for 11th BRICS summit with a team economic growth for an innovative future strengthening cooperation to be key focus Rochester par chairman Venkaiah Naidu convenes meeting of leaders of political parties on 17th November meeting likely to focus on making Opera House's 250th session productive

Parliament's winter session to begin on 18 November in Maharashtra Top Congress and NCP leaders to meet at the earliest as deadline for government formation nears a day after ship Sina fails to muster numbers NCP has time till 8:30 p.m. to stake claim for government formation after Jammu and Kashmir's bifurcation into two union territories train services in Kashmir Valley resumed

Today Union Minister Piyush Goyal says it will lead to development mukesh we're at a more rapid pace amid sounds of good Bonnie 550th birth anniversary of guru nanak dev celebrated president Ramnath covin to be part of festivities a suit on furlough tea in punjab twice president naidu and Prime Minister Modi also greet people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave for Brazil today to attend the 11th BRICS summit with a theme of economic growth for an innovative future the summit will focus on strengthening corporations between member nations Prime Minister Modi is expected to raise the issue of terrorism and terror financing at the summit Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave for Brazil on Tuesday with a strong official delegation this visit gains importance in the light of India formally announcing moving out of RCEP on Wednesday he will interact bilaterally with leaders of the four other BRICS nations as part of free summit consultations

In addition Prime Minister Modi will also utilize the opportunity to meet leaders of other nations which are not formal members of BRICS but will participate as guests there later the same day he will attend the BRICS business for a meet a large business delegation from India is also expected to be present during the visit especially to attend the BRICS Business Forum where the business community of all five countries are represented PM

Prime Minister Modi will address the summit on the second day he will address two sessions one plenary that would focus on cooperation for the economic development of BRICS societies and a separate closed session that will discuss challenges and opportunities for the exercise of national sovereignty in a contemporary world in the second session members may also raise some issues of how not to intervene in the internal affairs of other member countries the meeting of BRICS leaders with BRICS prisoners Council will take place during this dialogue the chairman of the Brazilian BRICS Business Council will submit his report

There will also be another report submitted by the president of the new Development Bank Emma used between trade and investment promotion agencies of the BRICS nations will be signed at the end of the summit before the issuance of a joint declaration Akhilesh simmons report for Rajab TV let's connect with our newest correspondent Ackley Suman and understand what's going to be the major focus of PM's was it achalasia what might be the wage a point of discussion for p.m. Modi other BRICS summit you know this big summit is taking place in a backdrop of you know a recently held our sip that was held in Bangkok and India decided to keep away from ourselves

So I think that you can understand that you know Economic Cooperation is going to be one of the major issues when BRICS leaders are meeting but other than economic issues you know that BRICS has been conceded as Security Council of the developing world and whether it has been successful in giving so much of security and assurance to the developing world that BRICS was supposed to be

So I think Prime Minister then Modi we were going to make some tough talking before the counterparts when he is meeting because BRICS is working okay a big bank is also working that a new Development Bank but whether big Caesar intervening politically in the affairs of the world that is still a big question and that is why there is a session that has been decided by consultation with all the stakeholders the challenges opportunities for that size of national sovereignty this session is going to be very important because you know off and on it has been seen that other countries are trying to you know course into national sovereignty of other nations including the biggest members are doing so

So I think there need to be a clarity on this issue that how politically also we can converge because knowing fully well that India and China are the parts of BRICS nations but we have seen in the past that there has been issues when we did not converge on certain issues but China came out in open and criticized India so whether you know this cooperation is going to sustain in political affairs also it is a good point of a major consideration in this big summit and what I am getting from my sources that can be you know major discussion among the Picts nations

So I think one is this is so another issue is also economic operation because Briggs I'm sure economic operation is definitely a point of discussion thank you so much for that information Achilles Qi ahead of the historic 250th session of Rajya Sabha chairman mao Naidu has convened a meeting of leaders of various parties in the house on November 17th the meeting will be held at night residents the winter session of Parliament begins on 18th November and is likely to end on 13th December the ensuing session coincides with the 70th anniversary of adoption of the Constitution by the Constituent Assembly and celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi a parliamentary committee has asked the government to upgrade the infrastructure of a cancer treatment and make it affordable

The parliamentary committee has urged the government to expand and upgrade cancer treatment infrastructure by enlarging the network of Mumbai based Tata Memorial Centre expressing concern over 60% of cancer patients dying in the country the committee submitted its report on an expanded role for the Department of Atomic Energy in cancer treatment in India to an enlarged network of the Tata Memorial Centre Committee Chairman Jarom Ramesh along with other members presented the report to Rajasuya chairman mm korean i do on monday the panel has recommended to set up a hub-and-spoke model under the torture of memorial center which is a leader in cancer treatment and is supported by the department of atomic energy the committee also suggested setting up of a high level steering committee headed by the Minister of State for atomic energy

Rajas of our Chairman Naidu complimented the committee and said he would ask the minister's concerned to examine the recommendations for necessary action as a death line four NCP to stake claim to form government in Maharashtra years state leaders of both NCP and Congress will discuss terms and conditions of common formation with the go-ahead from Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi senior Congress leaders kc venugopal monica Arrancar gay and emma patil will meet Chava sharapov are at the earliest in Mumbai today political drama continued in Maharashtra for yet another day

After governor Bhagat Singh koshari invited the NCP to form government on Tuesday after the Shiv Sena failed to submit the requisite letter of support SP has time to 8:30 p.m. to inform the governor of its willingness to form the government with 54 emily's NCP is the third largest party after BJP and Shiv Sena the Congress has 44 Emily's NCP or Congress people alliances amil kannada sonali helium dunno milky Balki Balki whose table until my Salonika switch a bad career several particles are directly a mark on this facility Bhatia with the prospect of President's rule looming as political deadlock enters 19 day in Maharashtra

Today a quick recap of all the developments in the state since the announcement of results last month the BJP and the Shiv Sena contested as an alliance and were given a clear majority 161 seats in the 288 member house the other Alliance of the NCP Congress got 98 seats however BJP and ship Cena failed to arrive at a consensus over government formation after both parties accused each other of failing to honor terms of the probe probe reliance CM and BJP leader they were in the front office resigned last week or day before the term of the state assembly ended on Saturday the be we turn down governor's invitation to form the gum citing lack of numbers following which the government invited the second largest party ship seen at a forum governed the ship seen are sure of 89 Emily's reached out to the opposition

Congress and the NCP after after marathon discussions the opposition parties could not arrive at a consensus for a pact with the Sena the governor refused to give extra time to the Shiv Sena and has now given NCP which the thought which is a third largest party in the state time till 8:30 p.m. tonight to form the government NCP has 54 Emily's in the assembly its alliance partner Congress has 44 Emily's but the combined strength is 47 Emily's shot of the halfway mark of point 45 in the 288 member House if no alliance or party expresses confidence of forming the government the governor will have to send a report to the center recommending President's rule in Maharashtra

Jara giuseppem makes law on state subject Rajasthan powers the Parliament to make law on the state subject by passing a resolution by a majority of not less than two-thirds of members present and voting

Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913 for his book gitanjali

 in 1950 he composed the music and lyrics for India's national anthem Jana Gana mana and when Bangladesh became independent in 1971 they chose to Gore song amar shown our Bangla as its national anthem the God's life and works have made him a cultural icon studied the world over even into the 21st century
Welcome back history with us on materials train services in the Kashmir Valley which was suspended on 3rd August ahead of the scrapping of provisions of article 370 have resumed from today two pairs of trains have resumed between Srinagar and Baramulla from today a day ahead of resumption of services railway officials conducted a trial run in the valley in presence of security forces the move has come as a sigh of relief for thousands of commuters in another move the Jammu and Kashmir government has set up a ten member committee to declare Srinagar famous Dal Lake and its surrounding areas as an eco sensitive zone following concerns over its drinking size according to an assessment by the dredging Corporation of India

In 2017 pollution and encroachments have resulted in the daleks drinking from its original area of 22 square kilometers to about 10 square kilometers the DCI also found that the world famous lakes capacity has shrunk to about 40 percent and that its water quality has deteriorated Additional Secretary of general administrative department sebastio Barr said the committee shall finalize the draft notification within a period of one month an hour let's take a look at the celebrations across the country for guru Rob

The 550th birth anniversary of first Sikh Guru Guru Nanak Dev ji is being celebrated today as Prakash / grand celebrations are being held at Golden Temple in Amritsar to commemorate the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak babe devotees are thronging Gurdwara Zin Punjab and across the country reciting hymns langurs are being organized at gurdwaras on the occasion guru nanak dev the founder of Sikhism was born on the full moon day of Kartik month in 1469 in an Khanna Sahil Anand social reformer thinker and poet his teachings were immortalized in form of 974 hymns in the Guru Granth Sahib the celebrations are not confined to India alone Indian High Commission in Dubai has been decorated on this occasion in Nepal too many programs have been organized at the guru nanak mat in kathmandu a counterpart and shabad kirtan were organized

President ramnath Kovan participated in the festivities at sultan pilate in capital a district of Punjab on 558 prakash / president covent paid obeisance at Gurdwara schreiber sahib insulting por lo de luca tuara holds special significance as guru nanak they've spent more than 15 years at Sultan Pelosi in Kapurthala district and that is where he attained enlightenment several programs are being organised by the government and the SGPC to mark the occasion president Ramnath covent wished the people on the eve of bernadotte's both anniversary in a message the president said that the life and teachings of Guru Nanak they've conveyed the ideals of love compassion equality and harmony

He emphasized on the need to follow the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev and build a society based on his teachings of equality compassion and social Amity in a Twitter message vice-president mnk and I recalled kuru nanak dev a shining apostle who Democrat Democrat eyes religion by making spiritual truths easily understandable for a common man he said that guru nanak gives life and divine teachings will keep inspiring us to follow the path of truth and have compassion for all humankind Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this is a day to rededicate ourselves to fulfilling Shri Guru Nanak Dave's dream of just inclusive and harmonious society igby jarhead Jeevan card our guru non-exempt today some magic person kediri samarco eat high terrain also heart Orosco coyote when he to streets are upon oniy Samarco se are Tiki Baba start tea party to such joy Aman dari or Atmos a month for Tiki moon on a CD his sake I or Amanda recently a gay because II am a son rocky are symmetric a rustic cruelty vice president Mao Naidu has said that guru Nanak's teachings can promote peace equality and prosperity across the globe in an article

In The Indian Express vice president said Guru Nanak was a great champion of equality and the difference is based on caste creed religion and language were irrelevant for him he called good onyx vision pragmatic and holistic  right but you in grip of severe air pollution this morning Delhi's air quality was back to severe levels at many places with the national capital and adjoining regions including gurugram noida faridabad and Ghaziabad engulfed by a dense smog Anand Vihar recorded 441 on air quality index while Rhoni was at 440

On Monday air quality in the Delhi NCR area bordered severe levels with more farm fire plume blowing towards the region and a decrease in the wind speed and temperature meanwhile the supreme court mandated anti-pollution authority IPCA has said dirty fuel based industries in Delhi and its suburbs will remain shut till Wednesday morning and now let's talk about Environment and climate change

a new study by sees that risk and transport and environment says that slowing down ships reduce production of greenhouse gases and Murray noise 20% reduction in the speed would cut down sulfur and nitrogen oxides by around 24 percent and also call pollutants such as black carbon and nitrogen oxides this speed limit would cut underwater noise by 66 percent and reduce the chances of whale collisions by 78% shipping generates roughly 3% of the global total of greenhouse gases as ships travel slowly they born less fuel hence cutting down the emissions significantly shipping wasn't covered by the Paris climate agreement and yet last year the industry agreed to cut emissions by 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 levels proposals to reduce the speed of ships will be considered as a meeting of the International Maritime Organization in Lander London late in this later this week .

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