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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Second battle of Panipat - Decisive war for Akbar

Second battle of Panipat - Decisive war for Akbar

Ø The Second Battle of Panipat was fought just thirty years after the first battle between barber and Ibrahim Lodi this time it was Akbar versus Heimo let us take a look at the main characters involved in this war Akbar full-name Jalal ad-din Muhammad Akbar.

Ø He was son of Humau and grandson of baba he became Mughal Emperor at a tender age of 13 heimo full name Haim Chandra Vikramaditya he was not born in royal family Aviva he eventually became the commander-in-chief and Prime Minister of the soory Empire Baron Khan also known as Khan Kunal was commander-in-chief of Mughal Empire and also chief advisor and guardian of Akbar.

Ø Hey mu was a ruler of the North India and after hearing the death of whom I who he wanted to seize the throne of Delhi for himself he started his conquest by winning kal p8 dava Gwalior and Agra eventually he captured Delhi in an intense battle with the Mughals in October 1556 Aviva heimo got over ambitious.

Ø And now wanted to pursue the Mughals and defeat them by taking Kabul Afghanistan Akbar was advised by his generals to retreat to Kabul so that it would be easier to defend the throne in their own backyard have ever Meryem decided that Mughals would confront him ooh and would not allow him to proceed towards Kabul Albers army under supervision of Barak on marched towards Delhi.

Ø Both the armies met at the battlefield of Panipat paviva Akbar was still very young to take part in battle and hence bærum did not permit him to take part in the war thus the Second Battle of Pawnee bug began on 5th November 1556 initially heimo caused a heavy casualties in the Mughals he attacked their left and right flank relatively with ease Mughals suffered heavy losses during the first phase of the war Hema then turned towards the center of the Mughal army have ever just when he thought that the right and left flank were finished they regrouped themselves.

Ø And made counter-attack the war was going on in full swing with either party not trying to surrender or retreat then came the turning point of the war Hema was hit by an arrow in his eye he became unconscious and fell his elephant rider picked him up and tried to escape the battlefield Aviva Mughals followed and captured him and hey Moo there was chaos in heimeau's army after this capture and thus Mughals completely dominated the war and eventually winning it akbar reclaimed the delhi throne and ruled until his death in .

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