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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Third battle of Panipat- Fall of great Marathas

Third battle of Panipat- Fall of great Marathas

Ø The third and last battle of Panipat was fought on 14th January 1761 between the Durrani and the great Murata Empire this was undoubtedly the greatest and the biggest war India has ever seen according to the estimates around 100,000 people lost their lives in this epic battle let us take a look and the characters of this war Sadashiv Rao bhau he was the son of Jumanji Appa and nephew of the great warrior Peshwa Bajirao.

Ø First he was commander-in-chief during the Third Battle of Panipat Vishwas Rao, he was a son of the Peshwa Balaji Bajirao and nephew of Sadashivrao bhau his looks were often compared with that of his grandfather the Peshwa Bajirao first Malhar Rao Holkar he was a first prince from the whole car family,  he helped the expansion of the Maratha Empire in northern India he was a part of several successful Murata campaigns Ahmad Shah Durrani full name, Ahmad Shah Abdali dira Durrani .

Ø He was a founder of the Durrani Empire he was not born in a royal family of guns often refer to him as Emma Shah Baba which means father they were shod Durrani he was the son of a Machado Rani he was just 13 years of age when the battle took place Mughal Empire was on the decline after the death of Aurangzeb there was prolonged war between the Mughals and the Marathas for supremacy over West in central and northern India Marathas defeated Mughals and conquered Delhi.

Ø Meanwhile the Rani forces were also attacking and capturing the northern West front Murata's attacked the Durrani forces and captured Lahore and Peshawar Marathas were simultaneously fighting in the southern India and had plans to conquer the East India as well their forces were segregated and thus they could not sustain these regions for long and they were eventually taken over by Durrani Ahmad Shah Durrani wanted to conquer the Delhi throne.

Ø And Marathas Bevelle aware of this before the Battle of Panipat the two forces met at kunjpura even though Marathas Vonda's battle Ahmad Shah Durrani was able to cross the Jamuna River and places army between geun-tae and Delhi thus cut off the supply is coming from the Delhi base to the Murata Army in kunjpura Murat has situated their camp at Panipat to prevent the Rani from escaping to Kabul the stalemate continued for several days Murata started starving and dying thus out of frustration Sadashiv Rao bhau declared an open war with Durrani.

Ø The two sides finally met at the historic battlefield of Panipat as per historians the Marathas were on empty stomach for five days when they entered in the war Marathas not only had smaller army compared to Durrani but they also had additional responsibility of the thousands of pilgrims who traveled with them the pilgrims were placed in center so that they remained protected during the initial phase of the war

Ø Marathas had the upper hand even though they were fighting on empty stomach however the strategies adopted by them in the latter part of the war eventually started to backfire seeing his army getting depleted Sadashiv Rao bhau came down from his elephant and started fighting on his horse many Marathas felt that he has either abandoned the war or has died this created a huge chaos amongst them which further deteriorated their position the final blow came when Emma cha Durrani ordered his highly skilled reserve troops to join the war after identified morales were finally defeated by the Durrani forces all the Murata genres were killed women and children were either sexually abused or killed Aviva amateur Durrani was so afraid of the Marathas that even after winning the war he went straight to Kabul and never returned to India.

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