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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Fidel Castro Some Stories of famous personalities


  • Fidel Castro he was a Cuban revolutionary leader and prime minister of Cuba.

  • He was born on August 13th, 1926 at Byron holding province Cuba.

  • His father's name was angel Castro yir jizz and mother's name was Angela Maria.

  • Castro Ruz Fidel was born on his father's farm his father did not officially claim him as his son.

  • While growing up he went by the name of Fidel rose later his father would marry his mother and Fidel would change his last name to Castro.

  •  At the age of six young Castro was sent to live with his teacher in Santiago de Cuba as a child he attended various schools finally enrolling himself at the El collegio de Belen in Havana.

  • Academically Castro was just an average student but he had a profound liking for sports and excelled in the same.

  •  He played for the school's baseball team in 1945 Fidel entered law school at the University of Havana.

  •  From here he became involved in politics and protesting against the current government he thought the government was corrupt and there was too much involvement from the United States.

  •  Castro's first wife was murdered diaz-balart whom he married on October 11th 1948 and together they had a son in 1952.

  • Castro ran for a seat at Cuba's House of Representatives however that year general Fulgencio Batista overthrew the existing government and canceled the elections.

  •  Castro began to organize a revolution Fidel and his brother raúl tried to take over the government but were captured and sent to prison.

  •  He was released two years later Castro did not give up.

  •  However he went in Mexico and planned his next revolution.

  •  There he met cheese Guevara who had become an important leader in his revolution they divorced in 1955.

  •  Castro and Guevara returned with a small army to Cuba on December 2nd 1956.

  •  They were quickly defeated again by Batista's army however this time Castro Guevara and Rahl escaped into the hills.

  •  They began a guerrilla war against Batista over time they gathered many supporters and eventually overthrew Batista's government on January 1st 1959.

  •  In July of 1959 Castro took over as leader of Cuba Castro had become a follower of Marxism and he used this philosophy in creating a new government for Cuba.

  •  The government took over much of the industry they also took control of many businesses and farms owned by Americans opposed to his rule was generally met with imprisonment and even execution.

  •  Many people fled the country the United States tried several times to remove Castro from power this included the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 ordered by President John F Kennedy.

  • In this invasion around 1500 Cuban exiles trained by the CIAA attacked Cuba.

  •  The invasion was a disaster with the majority of the invaders captured or killed after the Bay of Pigs Castro allied his government with the Soviet Union.

  •  He allowed the Soviet Union to place nuclear missiles in Cuba that could strike the United States after a tense standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union.

  •  That nearly started World War 3 the missiles were removed Fidel married daily asoto del Valle in 1980 gather.

  • They had five sons Castro's health began to fail in 2006 he would rule for nearly 50 years On February 24th 2008.

  • He handed the presidency of Cuba over to his brother oh he died on 26 November 2016 at the age of 90 a revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past said, Fidel Castro.

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