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Monday, December 9, 2019

GRAND SALAM 2019 WINNER / Common Names and Formulas of Important Chemical Compounds


♦ Grand Salam Chronological oder
◾ Australian open
◾ French open
◾ Wimbledon open
◾ US open

◾ Founded   --1905
◾Surface    --  Hard Court
◾ Period -- Mid January

        🚦  MEN'S SINGLE 2019
◾ Winner  -- Novak Djokovic ( Serbia )
◾ Runner up  --Rafael Nadal ( Spain )

       🚦 WOMEN'S SINGLE 2019
◾ Winner --Naomi Oska ( Japan )
◾Runnerup -- Petra Kvitova ( Czech Republic )

◾ Founded -- 1891
◾ Surface -- Clay court
◾ Period -- May -June

         🚦 MEN'S Single 2019
◾ Winner -- Rafael Nadal ( Spain )
◾ Runnerup - Dominic Thiem( Austria)

      🚦  WOMEN'S SINGLE  2019
◾ Winner -- Ashleigh Barty ( Australia )
◾Runnerup -- Markata Vondrousava ( Czech republic )

◾ Founded -- 1877
◾ Surface -- Grass court
◾ Period -- June - July

          🚦  MEN'S SINGLE 2019
◾  Winner -- Novak Djokovic ( Serbia )
◾ Runnerup --Roger Federer (Switzerland )

         🚦 WOMEN'S SINGLE 2019
◾ Winner -- Simona Halep ( Romania )
◾ Runnerup -- Serena Williams ( America )
◾Founded -- 1881
◾ Surface -- Hard Court
◾ Period -- Aug - Sep

       🚦  MEN'S SINGLE 2019

◾ Winner --  Rafael Nadal ( Spain )
◾ Runnerup -- Daniil Medvedev ( Russia )

      🚦 WOMEN'S SINGLE  2019
◾ Winner --Bianca Andreescu ( Canada )
◾ Runnerup - Serena Williams (America )

📝 NOTE  :  Wimbledon is the oldest grand salem,  founded in 1877

🏆 2019 Australian : Mixed Doubles
🔷 Barbora Krejčíková  and Rajeev Ram

🏆2019 French : Mixed Doubles
🔷 Latisha Chan and Ivan Dodig

🏆2019 Wimbledon : Mixed Doubles
🔷 Latisha Chan and Ivan Dodig

🏆2019 US : Mixed Doubles
🔷 Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Jamie Murray

 *📌Top Headlines*

*◼Banking sector has become stronger than the past, says PM Modi*

*◼There should be no provision for mercy petition for persons convicted under POCSO Act: President*

*◼Nationwide Feedback Diwas to be observed tomorrow to get stakeholders' response to new GST returns*

*◼Voting for 2nd phase of Jharkhand assembly polls today*

*◼India leads medal tally at 13th South Asian Games*


*◼PM Modi meets Mauritius PM, talks bilateral ties and development projects*

*◼Lok Sabha adjourned for the day*

*◼Allahabad HC dismisses election petition against PM Modi*

*◼Diabetic population in country is close to hitting alarming mark of 69.9 million by 2025: MoS AYUSH*

*◼Vice President expresses concern on growing crimes against women in the country*


*◼Saudi Aramco announces biggest ever IPO*

*◼India-Bangladesh ties transcend strategic partnership- Riva Ganguly Das*

*◼Gas pipe explosion kills 11 in western Iran*

*◼Fireworks factory blast kills 7, injures 13*

*◼French strike against pension reform enters day two*


*◼1st T20I: West Indies set a target of 208 runs for India*


*◼Home Minister Amit Shah attends 1st day of national conference of DGPs, IGPs in Pune*

*◼All accused of Hyderabad Disha rape and murder case killed in encounter*

*◼MP govt approves Rs 156-crore development plan for Omkareshwar*

*◼J&K govt approves Leave Travel Concession in favour of its employees*

*◼Provide anti-rabies vaccine to all govt hospitals in sufficient quantity, Delhi HC directs Centre, AAP govt*


*◼Sensex slips 334 points; Nifty closes at 11,922*

*◼RBI mulling to amend regulatory guidelines for UCBs*

Common Names and Formulas of Important Chemical Compounds

1. Common Names: Baking Powder

Chemical Compounds: Sodium Bicarbonate

Chemical Formula: NaHCO3

2. Common Names: Blue Vitriol

Chemical Compounds: Copper Sulphate

Chemical Formula: CuSO4. XH2O

3. Common Names: Bleaching Powder

Chemical Compounds: Calcium Oxychloride

Chemical Formula: CaOCL2

4. Common Names: Chloroform

Chemical Compounds: Trichloro Methane

Chemical Formula: CHCl3

5. Common Names: Chalk (Marble)

Chemical Compounds: Calcium Carbonate

Chemical Formula: CaCo3

6. Common Names: Caustic Potash

Chemical Compounds: Potassium Hydroxide

Chemical Formula: KOH

7. Common Names: Caustic Soda

Chemical Compounds: Sodium Hydroxide

Chemical Formula: NaOH

8. Common Names: Dry Ice

Chemical Compounds: Solid Carbondioxide

Chemical Formula: CO2

9. Common Names: Epsom

Chemical Compounds: Magnesium Sulphate

Chemical Formula: MgSo4

10. Common Names: Gypsum

Chemical Compounds: Calcium Sulphate

Chemical Formula: CaSo4. 2H2O

11. Common Names: Green Vitriol

Chemical Compounds: Ferrous Sulphate

Chemical Formula: FeSo4

12. Common Names: Heavy Water

Chemical Compounds: Deuterium Oxide

Chemical Formula: D2O

13. Common Names: Vinegar

Chemical Compounds: Acetic Acid

Chemical Formula: CH3COOH

14. Common Names: Washing Soda

Chemical Compounds: Sodium Carbonate

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3

15. Common Names: Slaked Lime

Chemical Compounds: Calcium Hydroxide

Chemical Formula: Ca(OH)2

16. Common Names: Potash Alum

Chemical Compounds: Potassium Aluminium Sulphate

Chemical Formula: KAl(SO₄)₂·12H₂O

17. Common Names: Quick Lime

Chemical Compounds: Calcium Oxide

Chemical Formula: CaO

18. Common Names: Plaster of Paris

Chemical Compounds: Calcium Sulphate

Chemical Formula: CaSO4. 1/2 H2O

19. Common Names: Mohr's Salt

Chemical Compounds: Ammonium Ferrous Sulphate

Chemical Formula: (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2·6H2O

20. Common Names: White Vitriol

Chemical Compounds: Zinc Sulphate

Chemical Formula: ZnSo4.7H2O

21. Common Names: Marsh Gas

Chemical Compounds: Methane

Chemical Formula: CH4

22. Common Names: Magnesia

Chemical Compounds: Magnesium Oxide

Chemical Formula: MgO

23. Common Names: Laughing Gas

Chemical Compounds: Nitrous Oxide

Chemical Formula: N2O

24. Common Names: Vermelium

Chemical Compounds: Mercuric Sulphide

Chemical Formula: HgS

25. Common Names: Sugar

Chemical Compounds: Sucrose

Chemical Formula: C12H22O11

26. Common Names: T.N.T.

Chemical Compounds: Trinitrotoluene

Chemical Formula: C7H5N3O6

27. Common Names: Sand

Chemical Compounds: Silicon Oxide

Chemical Formula: SiO2

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